CSV (Creating Shared Value)

It is a concept proposed by Professor Michael Porter of Harvard Business School and is also called creation of shared value.

FOSCHIA JAPAN CO., LTD., A social entrepreneur, develops business based on this CSV as a framework of management strategy on how to capture and solve social issues as a company.

We pursue the value that can be shared with society, we believe that we can serve you a little.

Social issues considered by FOSCHIA JAPAN

What does Foschia mean in the first place?

Foschia is Italian, Kasumi and Haze (Kasumi · Moya), expressing the chaotic world of society now.

Due to popularization of IT and the spread of globalization, the world continues to change at an unprecedented speed.

At the first glance, if you walk together in a foggy world, a bright dawn awaits you. I wanted to express it in one word.

Finding the problem

The problem is the problem only after it is recognized, and unless you notice it, it will be marginalized. This is because the world is constantly changing, the question in the first place is whether you notice the problem consciousness that you live in this change.

What are the social issues in Japan?

As a social problem that Japan faces, the lowest birthrate aging and the fastest moving in the world After the Meiji Restoration, the political distortion which achieved a rapid westernization, and the economic structure problem born from the rapid economic development after the end of the war 3 I think that it will be consolidated into points.

Aging population

The birthrate and declining birthrate itself is not very consciously problematic, but if you look closely it may be that some elderly people are increasing, others feel that children are decreasing, others are studied, I understand that the demographic structure is understood, I know that the labor force population drastically decreases as it is and that a small number of wakamono must support the lives of many older people.

In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to improve total fertility rate and reform of labor structure, but FOSCHIA JAPAN is unfortunately not a political organization. As a private company, this is an important point as to how we must solve this problem.

So, in FOSCHIA JAPAN, we established GB Communications Co., Ltd., an elderly person, who wants to take the initials of grandparents and grandmothers in order to create a system to keep working until the desired time.

Going forward, at GB Communications Co., Ltd., we will focus on providing lively and rewarding lives for the elderly, as well as promoting healthy lifespan which can stay healthy forever.

Political distortion that has undergone rapid westernization since the Meiji Restoration

This problem has a deep political meaning, but as with the declining birthrate and aging population, as a private company, we will continue to offer various solutions for problem solving neutrally.

After the Meiji Restoration, it may be thought that it seems to be somewhat heavy content if it is political distortion which achieved rapid westernization, but knowledge of history up to junior high school is not a very difficult problem.

Until the Edo period, Japan was established by the Tokugawa shogunate and about 300 clans in rural areas. The clan was under the shogunate, but each had its own political, economic and tax collection system, and the clan was also part of the country. However, after the Meiji Restoration, the Meiji New Government was established and converted into the central government, human beings, goods and money were concentrated in Tokyo.

As a result, depopulation has progressed in rural areas, and one strong condition in Tokyo has been completed. This is a concept that summarizes the political distortion which has made rapid westernization easily after the Meiji Restoration.

In order to solve this, the province must be strengthened once again. Of course, FOSCHIA JAPAN is a private company, so I will not do coups with local people. Instead, as a regional creation project, we believe that improving the appeal of rural areas is the best. As an information distribution tool for that purpose, we deal with VR merchandise centering around Google street view.

VR Campus, which can be introduced at educational institutions including local universities, is a product useful for local creation. VR Campus is a revolutionary service that uses VR to realize open campus on the net. If students gather at a local school and job hunting and entrepreneurs are held in that area, they will greatly contribute to the revitalization of rural areas.

Also, improving attractiveness will contribute not only to domestic travelers, but also to inbound foreign visitors to Japan. In order to make this happen, we are offering a service that can help you attract guests in terms of calling customers as towns themselves the city Jack.

Furthermore, we have stock items such as Wi-Fi service, credit card payment service, multilingual call service, which are indispensable in inbound.

FOSCHIA JAPAN wishes to walk with rural people with two people, although the scope of assistance as a private company is limited.

Economic structural problems arising from rapid economic development after the war

With this title alone, I do not know what kind of problem at all, but I will also explain the way of thinking of FOSCHIA JAPAN.

From the postwar eruption burns, Japan accomplishes rapid reconstruction, leads to high economic growth, reaches the present after the collapse of the bubble (along with the IT bubble). Without this economic development, smart phones could be used anywhere in Japan, washlets could be used, and not everything was full of everything.

However, it is unfortunate that the rapid economic growth, the collapse of the bubble, and the fact that only the IT industry has developed as the industry, and the other industries have declined, unfortunately, economically weak people It will be born.

If it is an economically weak, it will be protected by the political (government or national) category of social security centered on welfare protection, but it will not work if it becomes a vulnerable IT person. I can not let people who can not ride the wave of IT become more and more fade away.

Therefore, we have commercialized free homepage creation service, free homepage creation service, even for those unfamiliar with IT, web site creation service of 980 yen per month, which is FREE Homepage and its next step.

In addition, we also offer an interview service that can consult about anything about IT, CIO JAPAN to receive CIO substitution at a monthly charge of 9,800 yen, etc. We try our best to reduce IT vulnerable groups as much as possible.

And, in order to be able to deal with globalization, FOSCHIA JAPAN also puts emphasis on consulting business so that it can be helped though it is micro powerful.