FOSCHIA JAPAN and related subsidiaries manage social responsibility (SR) in coexistence with a society that fully understands the definition of SR and diversifies it in order to pursue the sustainability of the entire FOSCHIA group I will continue.

ISO 26000 comparison table

ISO 26000
Core theme
TaskFOSCHIA's Approach
Organizational governance
  1. Organizational governance
human rights
  1. due diligence
  2. Crisis situation on human rights
  3. Avoiding complicity
  4. Complaints resolution
  5. Discrimination and socially vulnerable people
  6. Civic and political rights
  7. Economic, social and cultural rights
  8. Basic principles and rights in labor
Labor practice
  1. Employment and Employment Relations
  2. Working conditions and social protection
  3. Social Dialogue
  4. Safety and health at work
  5. Human resource development and training in the workplace
  • Corporate philosophy: Socialy
  • Boost Quality of Life and Work (BQLW)
  • Social Inclusion
  1. Prevention of contamination
  2. Use of sustainable resources
  3. Mitigation of climate change and adaptation to climate change
  4. Environment protection, biodiversity and recovery of natural habitats
  • Corporate philosophy: Socialy
  • Law of Negative 1
  • Ocean Dream
  • Forest Connectivity
  • Biodiversity
  • FOSCHIA Research Institute
Fair business practices
  1. Corruption prevention
  2. Responsible political involvement
  3. Fair competition
  4. Promote social responsibility in the value chain
  5. Respect for property rights
Consumer problem
  1. Fair marketing, unbiased information according to facts and fair contractual practices
  2. Protection of consumer safety and health
  3. Sustainable consumption
  4. Service, support, and resolution of complaints and disputes to consumers
  5. Consumer data protection and privacy
  6. Access to indispensable services
  7. Education and awareness raising
Participation in the community
Community development
  1. Participation in the community
  2. Education and culture
  3. Employment creation and skill development
  4. Technology development and access to technology
  5. Creation of wealth and income
  6. health
  7. Social investment
  • Corporate philosophy: Socialy
  • Smile Project
  • F-LABO
  • Social Inclusion
  • VR × Society 5.0
  • CSR-Collection
  • Starts


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