What is Forest Connectivity

It is the sustainability of the forest. At FOSCHIA JAPAN, forests have always been taken care of. In particular, we are proud of being the number one BBQ company in Japan, so “charcoal” is an indispensable existence. In order to reward such benefits, we have established a guideline for action on how to face the forest.

FOSCHIA JAPAN's forest initiatives

Let's touch the forest

When did you last touch the forest? FOSCHIA JAPAN has an office next to Akagi Kuizu Shrine where there is a small forest. Although it is a little inconvenient so that you can work while touching the greenery, an office was set up there.

Give employees a ticket to interact with the forest. Subsidies for transportation expenses are paid at the full rate in Kanto Prefecture, and in other regions at the burden rate for each region.

Employees are free to participate, including their families, but every year they visit Nikko Toshogu and enjoy the natural surroundings.


Let's use the tree

The Co-working Space “Starts Lounge” operated by FOSCHIA JAPAN has a forest-like interior, the walls are designed with wood grain, and the furniture and office supplies used are made of domestic wood as much as possible. We are using.

Support the forest

The CSR-Collection operated by FOSCHIA JAPAN provides a framework that enables companies to easily raise funds and support CSR activities. Part of the support will be activities to support the forest.

Let's live with the forest

GB Communications, a subsidiary of FOSCHIA JAPAN, is undertaking a “GB inn” project that will revolutionize green tourism in rural areas. We aim to start full-scale services by 2020.