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SDGs for FOSCHIA JAPAN Corporation's goal for 2030 is as follows.

1. Eliminate poverty

In every place, put an end to all forms of poverty

Let's eliminate poverty
1.1By 2030, end extreme poverty, defined as people who live on less than $ 1.25 per day today, in every place.
1.2By 2030, halve the proportion of men, women and children of all ages in poverty of all dimensions according to country definitions.

Measures: Smile Project -Smile the world-

Project to make the world smile. For details, please check the Smile Project special site. Each phase is posted.

2. Zero hunger

To put an end to hunger, to secure food security and improve nutritional status, promote sustainable agriculture

Zero hunger
2.1By 2030, eradicate hunger and ensure that all people, especially the vulnerable groups including the poor and infants, get enough safety and nutritious food throughout the year.
2.3By 2030, through women, indigenous peoples, small family management, etc. through the securing of equal access to land and other production resources, inputs, knowledge, financial services, markets, and added value and nonfarming employment opportunities Doubling the agricultural productivity and income of small scale food producers including farmers, pastors and fishermen.
2.aEnhance agricultural production in developing countries, especially in least developed countries through rural infrastructure, agricultural research and diffusion services, technology development, and investment in plant and livestock gene banks through strengthening international cooperation.

Measures: Global Challenge

We will implement Global Challenge to enter the world at medium- and long-term goals of FOSCHIA JAPAN and all related subsidiaries. In this Global Challenge, establishing a group branch office, region headquarters, etc. in Southeast Asia and soon, in the African continent, companies and employees do tax payment to that country, thereby achieving self-reliant national finance and society Contribute to the maintenance of the foundation of security, furthermore, after the transfer of agricultural technology in Japan, we will eradicate hunger.

3. Health and well-being for everyone

Secure a healthy life for all people of all ages and promote welfare

Health and welfare for everyone
3.7Ensure that all people have access to sexual and reproductive healthcare by 2030, including family planning, information and education, and incorporation into reproductive health strategies and plans.
3.8Universal health coverage (UHC), including financial guarantee for all people, access to high quality basic health care services, and access to essential medicines and vaccines that are safe and effective, high quality and inexpensive ) Is achieved.
3. cDrastically expand health care and recruitment, capacity development, training and consolidation of health workers in developing countries, particularly in least developed countries and small island developing countries.

Measures: FREE UNIVERSITY and free electronic medical records

FREE UNIVERSITY is not just a classroom delivery service. It is also an information distribution tool required in all countries of the world. We also customize the capacity development and training of insurance workers to that country and we will distribute information that contributes to the improvement of the health and welfare of people in that country. In addition, we are also developing a free electronic medical record, and we are constructing a mechanism that allows employees to adopt it at medical sites that are troubled around the world.

Four. Quality education for everyone

Provide inclusive, fair and quality education to all people and promote lifelong learning opportunities

Higher quality education to everyone
4.2By 2030, ensure that all children are ready to receive primary education by accessing the development, care, and preschool education of high quality early infants without distinction between males and females.
4.3By 2030, all people will be able to obtain equal access to high-quality technical education, vocational education, and higher education including university, regardless of gender.


FREE UNIVERSITY, a subsidiary of FOSCHIA JAPAN, will deliver classes of Japanese elementary school, junior high school, high school, university online free of charge by 2025. By 2030, if you translate into the language of each country and have the Internet, you can prepare an environment where you can receive classes anywhere, anytime anywhere.

Five. Achieve gender equality

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Let's realize gender equality
5.1Eliminate all forms of discrimination against all women and girls in every place.
5.5Ensure full and effective women's participation and equal opportunities for leadership in all levels of decision-making in politics, economics and the public sector.

Measures: Setting action guidelines in the FOSCHIA group

FOSCHIA JAPAN and all related subsidiaries introduce "mothers support system" and "premium · everyday", we are establishing a personnel system in which personnel evaluation is carried out without being influenced by sex.

Mom support system

If your child is absent from childcare day due to illness, leaving early, etc., you can absent or leave work without obtaining permission from the superiors. However, contact is necessary. Salaries are fully paid.

Premium Everyday

Premium Friday is meaningless! Everyday, premium! If the draft of work is okay, consult with the superiors, leave at your preferred time OK! Early withdrawal, salary is fully paid.

6. Safe water and toilets around the world

Secure access and sustainable management for water and sanitation for all people

Secure water and toilet all over the world
6.1By 2030, achieve the universal and equal access of safe and cheap drinking water for all people.
6.2By 2030, achieve access to appropriate and equal sewage facilities and sanitation facilities for all people, eliminate excretion in the field. Pay particular attention to the needs of women and girls, and vulnerable people.
6.4By 2030, we will greatly improve water use efficiency in all sectors, secure sustainable extraction and supply of freshwater, deal with water shortages, and significantly reduce the number of people suffering from water shortage.
6.5By 2030, implement integrated water resource management at all levels, including appropriate cross-border cooperation.
6.bSupport and strengthen the participation of local communities in improving management in areas related to water and sanitation.

Measures: River and water city, Pride in Kumagaya

In our city, FOSCHIA JAPAN's home, Co-Funder: CEO Koi Hasegawa and COO Ootaro Hagiwara local, Saitama prefecture Kumagaya City, the two major rivers flowing in the northern part of the Tone River and the central southern part of the Arakawa, the Aragawa River , Fukawa, Kyuubishi River River, Wada Yoshino River, Hoshikawa, Oshikawa, Yokomi River, Nobusagawa, Wadagawa, Tonogawa and Shinnara River flow. Especially, on the banks of Arakawa, the cherry blossoms chosen to be selected as 100 cherry blossom sights are famous, and in 20181st in 'Cherry blossom sights ranking I'd like to go to' It is also becoming. In addition, although the data of the tap water in Kumagaya city is a bit old, the nationwide tap water announced by the former Ministry of Health and Welfare in 1985 has been selected as 32 good cities, and living while receiving these benefits .

This time it is turning back to water. We will contribute to the world water without throwing away Pride of Kumagaya.

7. Energy for everyone and clean

Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all people

Energy to everyone and clean
7.1By 2030, we ensure universal access to inexpensive and reliable contemporary energy services.
7.2By 2030, we will greatly increase the share of renewable energy in the world energy mix.
7.3Doubling the global energy efficiency improvement rate by 2030.

Measures: FJ Solare

FJ Solare,Optical communication It is a subsidiary of the company, and retail new power Halane And a joint venture on energy established in 2017. Currently it is a wholly owned subsidiary of FOSCHIA JAPAN, but it is also engaged in research related to energy not only from the promotion of HARUENE 's business but also from the recovered profits, enabling universal energy supply in the world by 2030 In order to do, we are working hard every day.

8. Job satisfaction and economic growth

Promote sustainable, inclusive and sustainable economic growth for all, productive full employment and decent work (rewarding human work)

Worth both work and economic growth
8.1Sustain the per capita economic growth rate according to the situation of each country. In particular, least developed countries will maintain at least a 7% annual growth rate.
8.5By 2030, achieve full and productive employment and decent work, as well as identical labor equivalent wages for all men and women, including young people and disabled.
8.9Plan and implement policies to promote sustainable tourism industry leading to employment creation and promotion of local culture and products by 2030.

Countermeasure: “Boost Quality of Life and Work (BQLW)” committed by the FOSCHIA group

We will improve work quality throughout the FOSCHIA group. Per capita nominal GDP per capita in 2017 was US $ 38,440, 25th in the world according to the IMF 's announcement. Converting to Japanese yen, it is 4,172,278 yen at the current rate. I will extend this. GB Communications will contribute to the increase in nominal GDP per capita throughout the world by optimizing resources in Japan and providing high quality work to BPO business in each country throughout the entire group. In addition, we aim to become an inbound company in the world, apply the know-how that we cultivated in Japan to developing countries, and disseminate safe and secure experiences and experiences. And in all, we will secure decent work.

9. Create a foundation for industry and innovation

We will develop a strong infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization, and expand technological innovation

Make the foundation for industry and technological innovation
9.5By promoting innovation by 2030, greatly increasing the number of R & D workers per million, and expanding public and private research and development expenditure, etc., in the industrial sectors of all countries including developing countries Promote scientific research and improve technical capacity.

Measures: F-LABO

FOSCHIA JAPAN and FREE UNIVERSITY will open F - LABO where anyone in the world can participate. Beyond mere class delivery, people from all over the world will share ideas and engage in research to promote global innovation.

Ten. Eliminate people and national inequality

Correct domestic and national disparities

Let's eliminate inequality among people and countries
10.1By 2030, gradually achieve and sustain numerical values ​​above the domestic average for the income growth rate of the lowest 40% income of each country.
10.2By 2030, regardless of age, sex, disability, race, ethnicity, origin, religion, or economic status or other circumstances, empowerment of all people, and social, economic, and political inclusions Facilitate.

Measures: GB Communications

GB Communications, a subsidiary of FOSCHIA JAPAN, aims to optimize domestic human resources, by supporting the employment of elderly workers, to prevent a significant decrease in income after retirement and to improve individuals working hard in the provinces We will support business owners and stores, small and medium-sized enterprises intensively, achieve smooth business succession and sustainable economic development.

11. Town development to continue living

To make inclusive, safe, tough and sustainable city and human settlement

Town development that can continue living
11.4Strengthen efforts to preserve and limit development of world heritage and natural heritage.
11.7Provide universal access to green spaces and public spaces that are safe, inclusive and easy to use for people, including women, children, the elderly and disabled, by 2030.

Measures: VR × Society 5.0

Society 5.0 The way the new society is promoted by the Japanese government. Also multiplied by VOS of FOSCHIA JAPAN. By achieving protection of cultural heritage and nature by VR, realization of barrier free visualization ensures safer access to public spaces.

What is Society 5.0

A human-centered society (Society) that balances economic development and solving social problems by a system that highly combines cyber space (virtual space) and physical space (real space)

It refers to a new society following hunting society (Society 1.0), agricultural society (Society 2.0), industrial society (Society 3.0), information society (Society 4.0)Fifth Science and Technology Basic PlanIt was proposed for the first time as a future society that Japan should aim for.

12. Creating responsibility

Secure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Responsibility responsible to make
12.3Halve the worldwide per capita food waste at the retail / consumption level by 2030 and reduce food losses in the production and supply chain such as post harvest loss.
12.5By 2030, reduce waste emissions significantly by preventing, reducing, recycling, and reusing (reusing).
12.8By 2030, people of all places will have information and awareness about sustainable development and lifestyle in harmony with nature.

Countermeasures: -1 x -1 = 1, Law of Negative 1

In FOSCHIA JAPAN, -1 is multiplied by -1 to start the Law of Negative 1 project using the law that becomes +1. Law of nagative 1 contributing to society by multiplying the human being Nagative 1 creates ichi from minus in every situation. For example, vegetable juice will be born by multiplying food waste disposal and poverty that do not ride on the agricultural cooperative shipping line. Poor people tend to depend on carbohydrates, so sell vegetable juice cheaply. The composition of taste and nutrients varies from day to day, but there is no doubt as to the freshly picked vegetables! Make a punch from minus! Be Socaily!

13. Concrete measures for climate change

Take emergency measures to counter climate change and its impact

Concrete measures for climate change
13.3Improve education, enlightenment, human capacity and institutional function on mitigation, adaptation, mitigation and early warning of climate change.

Measures: FOSCHIA Research Institute

It is a think tank in the FOSCHIA group. The FOSCHIA Research Institute conducts surveys, research, and analysis on topics by field such as inbound and VR from the theme of society as a whole from policy, politics, economics, management and the environment, and from wide policy recommendations, within the FOSCHIA group After constructing consulting framework of F-LABO, partnership with F-LABO, we are disseminating policies and information that are widely useful for society. Of course, climate change is also an important theme, and we conduct research and investigations every day.

14. Let's protect the richness of the sea

Conserve ocean and marine resources towards sustainable development and use it in a sustainable manner

Let's protect the richness of the sea
14.7Increase the economic benefit of sustainable use of marine resources in small island developing countries and least developed countries through 2030, through sustainable management of fishery, aquaculture and tourism.

Measures: Ocean Dream powered by FOSCHIA JAPAN

The origin of FOSCHIA,Ocean Dream It is in. For details, please refer to the link destination. Therefore, the sea and the FOSCHIA group have an inseparable relationship. The business strategy based on Ocean Dream aims to protect marine resources with the theme of sightseeing by 2025 and to ensure economic benefits of small island developing countries and least developed countries on a sustainable basis , FOSCHIA JAPAN's City Jack Expanding the Island Jack, Country Jack which expanded. By 2030, we will raise the scale of tourism to Vietnam, up to 10% and 500% respectively by real tourism to islands and countries that developed Island Jack, Country Jack, respectively.

15. Let's protect the richness of land

Promote protection, restoration and sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystem, sustainable management of forest, coping with desertification, prevention and reversal of land degradation, and prevention of biodiversity loss

Let's preserve the richness of the land
15.4Ensure the conservation of mountain ecosystems including biodiversity by 2030 and strengthen the capacity to bring indispensable benefits for sustainable development.
15.aMobilize and significantly increase the funds from all sources for conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and ecosystems.
15.bMobilize significant resources from all sources at every level to raise funds for sustainable forest management. We will also provide appropriate incentives to developing countries, and improve sustainable forest management such as conservation and forest regeneration.

Measures: CSR-Collection

In FOSCHIA JAPAN, companies offer affordable packages that can initiate CSR in partnership with NPOs, NGO organizations and local volunteer groups. We also provide an e-learning system to educate biodiversity and conservation of ecosystems, using the platform of FREE UNIVERSITY so that it will not be boring only with money.

16. Peace and justice for everyone

Promote a peaceful and inclusive society toward sustainable development, provide access to judicial access to all people, and build effective, responsible and inclusive institutions at all levels

Peace and justice to everyone
16.1Significantly reduce all forms of violence and mortality associated with violence in all places.
16.2Eradicate child abuse, exploitation, trafficking and all forms of violence and torture.
16.5Drastically reduce all forms of corruption and bribery.
16.7Ensure compliant, inclusive, participatory, and representative decisions at all levels.

Measures: Socialy

Socaily is the management philosophy of the entire FOSCHIA group. We don't keep Socialy just a management philosophy. Disseminating the meaning of Socaily to the world, enlightening the goodness of “living in socialy”, excluding general violence, violence against children, corruption and bribery, each being treated fairly We will be able to enjoy peace.

Measures: CIO JAPAN

IT consulting services, CIO JAPAN Is a service that solves IT-related problems, issues, and problems that SMEs have. It is easy to start from 980 yen per month, eliminate IT weak people from Japan and receive fair and equitable services. Aim for exclusion.

17. Achieve your goals with a partnership

Strengthen implementation measures for sustainable development and revitalize global partnership

Let's achieve goals with partnership
17.3Mobilize additional sources of funding for developing countries from multiple sources of funds.
17.5Introduce and implement an investment promotion framework for least developed countries.
17.6Strengthen North-South cooperation on science, technology and innovation, South-South cooperation and regional and international triangular cooperation and improve access to them. We will also promote knowledge sharing under terms mutually agreed through improvements in existing mechanisms including the UN level and global technical promotion mechanisms.
17.7Promote the development, transfer, dissemination and diffusion of environmentally conscious technologies to developing countries under advantageous conditions mutually agreed, such as concessional and preferential conditions.
Multi stakeholders · partnership
17.16Promoting complementation by global partnership for sustainable development with multi-stakeholder partnership and thereby mobilizing and sharing knowledge, expertise, technology, and financial resources, sustainability of all countries, especially developing countries We support the achievement of development goals.
17.17Encourage and promote effective public, public and private, and civil society partnerships based on various partnership experiences and resource strategies.
Data, monitoring, accountability
17.19Measure the progress of sustainable development by 2030 Further advance existing efforts to develop measures other than GDP and support capacity building on statistics in developing countries.

Measures: Enlightenment activities through SDGs training and seminars

To spread the SDGs, SDGs Training / Seminar To help as many companies and individuals as possible contribute to the SDGs.

Measures: FOSCHIA Group

The entire FOSCHIA group, including FOSCHIA JAPAN, will be a countermeasure. Shareholders who have the opportunity to collaborate with our group, dealings, shareholders, all stakeholders' cooperation will strengthen the means for sustainable development for sustainable development We will revitalize our global partnership.