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FOSCHA JAPAN Business Concept

Sustainable is an important theme for FOSCHIA JAPAN as well.

Only ourselves do not last,

The Japanese region, the country of Japan, and the world,

We are developing our business to achieve sustainable development and growth.

To make FOSCHIA JAPAN understand

To make FOSCHIA JAPAN understand


"Take care of play,
We pursue excitement,
We propose a thrilling future. "

We had developed our business with this concept.

But it was sweet.

The world was harsher than I had imagined.

Tough isn't something cheap like sales or profit.

The country is exhausted, Japan has a sense of obstruction, and the world is flooded with people who will endanger even tomorrow's life.

As you travel all over Japan and around the world,

"I have to do something."

The sense of irresponsible mission comes down,

I was dedicated to my life, the world.

I arrived at the Socialy way of life. How the company should be.

Socialy - coined term for society -

Socialy is the cornerstone of our mind.

Socialy is a coined word, so it does not make sense as it is,

"For the sake of society"

The meaning is put on it.

So, decision making is extremely speedy.

Whether it will benefit society or help society,

What we are going to do,

A compass for always moving in the right direction.

In Art and Word, fashionably

I will do Socialy.

Smile Project - Smile the world -

A project like that name that makes people around the world smile.

Because it is impossible suddenly, first, from the region of Japan.

The region of Japan is wonderful.

That's why I want to spread a smile there.

Destination - Destination -

Everyone, Welcome to FOSCHIA Space Ship

Now, please tighten your seat belt

I will start.

The destination is

It is a socialy future full of smiles

Socialy business list

With the price we set, we offer highly value-added services that are absolutely unavailable, some are free, some are super cheap

Are you interested in it?

If you are interested in our service, please do not hesitate to contact us

Primary service fee structure

Miluna Beauty
980 yen~
Miluna Beauty is a service that goes to a beauty salon starting at 980 yen per month.

For example, if you have a 9,980 yen plan, you can choose from three options: cut, treatment, color, perm, and nail.
0 Yen
FREE UNIVERSITY is an online educational service that allows anyone to learn freely.

It is a new service that allows students to learn from elementary school to university, as well as languages such as qualification tests and English conversation, hobbies and sports.
9,800 yen / month ~ * No initial cost
That's it for today.

CIO JAPAN is an online service that allows professionals to solve IT problems. Talk 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and get solutions and answers with solutions.
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