Respect for basic rights

basic way of thinking

As a social citizen, the FOSCHIA Group respects human rights (or life rights) that humans and life in the world can have, as well as stakeholders such as customers, employees, shareholders, and business partners. We exclude discrimination based on species, skin color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, family or other status, or any reason similar thereto.

Human rights and life rights

In addition to human rights, the FOSCHIA Group stipulates the rights and life rights that all life in the natural world can have. This aims to eradicate unnecessary violations of life rights so that human beings are members of the earth and enjoy the benefits of other lives while sustaining coexistence of the earth and humankind. I am. Therefore, we define human rights and life rights as always equal, and in order not to lose the balance, we are engaged in a wide variety of activities such as LOHAS office environment, pursuit of eco, environmental conservation and enlightenment.

Human rights are based on respecting the right to life.

Initiatives that respect human rights

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